Knee Orthosis w/ Hinges (KO)

How do I put on my KO?
  1. While in a seated position, fit the brace against the skin while lining up the hinges with the center of the kneecap
  2. Fasten the strap on the thigh section to secure the KO in place
  3. Fasten the strap below the knee and make sure it is snug
What is the wear schedule for my KO?

There are many indications for KO use, please follow your physician's instructions for the wear schedule

How do I clean my KO?
  • Spray rubbing alcohol on inside and outside of your SMO and wipe it down with a cloth to remove any oils or residue.
  • It is important to clean any foam padding about once a week to prevent build-up.
  • Always check the integrity of the Velcro straps and check for build-ups
What are some precautions I should take with my KO?
  • Changes in volume can affect the fit of the KO
  • The best fit for the KO is against the skin, however, it can also be worn over a loose fitting pants
  • If you experience any skin irritation, contact your orthotist to schedule an adjustment
  • Do not sleep in the KO