Foot Orthotics (Shoe Inserts)

How do I put in my foot orthotics?
  1. Remove the original insole of the shoe to accommodate for your new foot orthotic
  2. Slide your foot orthotic into the shoe and make sure it fits all the way to the front before pushing it down flat at the heel
  3. Slide your foot into the shoe and be careful not to crush the back of your shoe
  4. Fasten your shoes
What is the wear schedule for my new foot orthotics?
  • Day 1: Only wear orthotics for one hour
  • Day 2: Wear orthotics for two hours; one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon
  • Day 3: Wear inserts for four hours; two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon
  • Day 4: Wear inserts for six hours; three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon

Continue to use the inserts as prescribed until you reach full day use.

How do I clean my foot orthotics?
  • Wipe down with soap and water or spray with alcohol spray and wipe clean
  • Do not submerge in water and keep away from excessive heat
What are some precautions I should take for my foot orthotics?
  • If your experience any redness and it does not disappear within twenty minutes, contact your orthotist to schedule an appointment for an adjustment
  • Never use your orthotics without shoes, tennis shoes are best type of footwear
  • Be aware if you change shoes, the orthotics may not fit
  • Follow the initial wear schedule to avoid blisters or skin irritation